Animal Rescue Rewards Program

The Staging Redesign Group, Inc. is dedicated to providing assistance to Animal Rescue. GraceAnn is a proud and ongoing “foster Mom” for many dogs over the years. As of February 2017, she and her husband have fostered over 60 dogs! She believes strongly that our furry friends need us to look after them.

Animal Rescue Rewards ProgramTo the left is my most successful rescue. ‘Hope’ A puppy mill “momma’ that was totally shut done and frightened.  It took several months to show her that being a dog can be fun.  She was adopted and now has a dog sibling and enjoying life.

Therefore, anyone who purchases training classes, through the MSRI, may request that a donation of your tuition be donated in your name to my foster group.


GraceAnn, Yours Redesigned and the MSRI are proud of our efforts to help homeless and mistreated animals through the Animal Rescue Rewards program.

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