Training Reviews

I am finally feeling confident and am beginning to set things up.  You are a fantastic mentor.  Thank you for all you do.

Thank you for sharing both content and knowledge with us.  I know you also have opened the door for ongoing professional relationships with you and others.  I'm honored to have you as a mentor. ~ Glen Ellyn

Hi GraceAnn.....I absolutely loved last night's class -- I wasn't alone in that feeling because I walked out with three others that had attended and we were all gushing about how great it was!  Best decision I made was coming to that class.  Even though I do not have a lick of talent when it comes to pulling together a room or rooms, it made me realize that I NEED HELP!!! Such a great class...... ~Bloomingdale

Once we know what we are going to do with the fireplace, I'll shoot you an email to see if you could recommend some color options for the walls.  I forgot to ask you what you'd recommend for a couch (color, size, style, etc.)  We do need to think about replacing it. Many, many thanks to you!!! Linda

What a lovely team of ladies you brought with you!  I hope that each of them has great success as they go out on their own.  They've learned from the best so that will definitely give them a leg up on the competition!  We are very grateful for the time and thought and work that went into revamping the room.  We feel so fortunate to have been selected as one of your project houses. LJ

I’m very proud to be a certified Interior redesign from Midwest Redesign Institute. The teacher is very informative and very easy to understand. And the thing I most like about Midwest Redesign Institute is once you are a student of theirs; you will always be their student. You can always ask GraceAnn anytime in the future about question you might have regarding the field, insurance, how to get incorporated and everything that you might want to know. She was always sincere to help us, that’s awesome. And I’m very confidence about doing redesign anytime and anywhere because of them.

Midwest Staging Redesign Institute is the best! GraceAnn is a wonderful teacher, and I say teacher because she not only taught about staging and redesign but also life experiences in the business. She taught us how rewarding a career in staging and redesign could be not only financially but emotionally as well. The class was taught very professional and personal. I learned so much and felt very welcomed and relaxed. I left the class with the knowledge and confidence to start and build a very rewarding career and how to make a difference in someone’s life. I would highly recommend the Midwest Staging Redesign Institute.

Hi there: I am a Canadian and my boyfriend lives in Naperville, so I was very excited to learn that I could take a staging course in Naperville. The class was small and I was able to learn so much from GraceAnn. I also know that anyone who lives in that area or in the States gets referrals from the school and can also work with GraceAnn on occasion, which gives them a heads up on their business and also gives them the constant support of GraceAnn. What did we do, you ask? We had classroom advice and lessons every morning, and then we went out to homes in the afternoon and applied what we had learnt in the morning. We talked about what would be right for the room, in placement and furniture settings. Some rooms you would go into had several focal points and flow. You needed to find a flow to the home to make it work for the potential purchaser also gently being able to tell the homeowner, that they have a product on the market that is for sale, and trying to have them understand that they need to make the best of their home for that market. Also being shown that there are several reasons for a home sale, some happy occasions some not… that also helped with the philosophy of the sale. I would definitely go back to take another course with Midwest Staging Redesign Institute and am hoping to take the redesign course when my arm heals.., GraceAnn made the course easy to understand and gave us the right supplies to go with the information.

I was very apprehensive when I signed up for MSRI. I thought so many things would be above my head. I am happy to say that the class was not only very easy to follow but, inspirational, insightful, helpful, interesting, and loads of hands on. I thoroughly enjoyed the instructor, GraceAnn Simoni, She appreciated your input and was able to add practical points. I am very glad I participated and graduated from MSRI. I also find the people I talk to about business are much more receptive to my ideas when they find out about credentials. Thanks again for everything

Graceann did a great job of making the class fun, informative and fast paced. We especially enjoyed the hands on projects, when we could see our talents come to life in a beautifully redesigned home. The knowledge I gained in this course has helped me immensely in starting my own business in redesign and staging. Thanks Graceann!

I took the 3 day staging class with Grace Ann and it was awesome! I had researched many other classes and found most were available online only. I chose MSRI because it was a “hands on” course. Grace Ann’s instruction along with staging two homes gave me the ability to put in to practice what she talked about in class. The class was very informative and fun!! Thanks for helping me move on to this next phase in my life!

I cannot say enough good things about Midwest Staging and Grace Ann Simoni. Not only was the class informative, but fun as well. I left feeling more confident in pursuing my own business and with enough information to help me get started. All I can say is that I was very happy that I chose Midwest Staging over other institutes. Everyone was wonderful to work with.

I did my home work on picking the right school to take my training. A boy did I make the right choice. Not only did I learn more than I thought I would, but any time I have a question, help, or just need to talk, Grace Ann is always there for me. Little did I know I would also gain a friend. I now do trade shows, speak to groups, do color, staging and also redesign. I have also sent several other students to this school, and they all loved it

GraceAnn is an amazingly talented woman. Working with her was a wonderful experience and she helped me gain knowledge that a book just would not provide. Midwest Staging Redesign Institute was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend the programs provided.

It truly is an honor to be able to learn from GraceAnn.  The amount of information she is able to translate in a week is amazing.  She is clear, concise and informative.  You leave the classroom with everything you need to get started on your styling journey, from home staging  for real estate purposes to restyling a home she tells all.  GraceAnn is truly an expert in the field.

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